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Insurance 101
​In this digital age people like to do research online. That's great, but some of what you find online is false or incomplete.

Whether you are buying a home or just trying to find a better value for your current homeowners or automobile insurance, we are here to help. You can simply pick up the phone and talk to an honest insurance expert. Sometimes what we say may not be exactly what you want to here. But we will give you an honest assessment of the situation. And we will do our best to offer you the best insurance policy at the lowest possible rate.

One thing that no one seems to explain to new home buyers is that the underwriting for the homeowners insurance is usually not done until after they close on their new home. Yes, the mortgage underwriting is done before they close, but not the underwriting on the homeowners insurance policy. That is why it is critical for that home buyer to be dealing with an insurance agent that is a good front-line underwriter. A good insurance agent asks all the appropriate questions. He examines the inspection reports, and if there is any doubt, he contacts the insurance company underwriters before closing, so that he is sure that the risk is acceptable to the insurance company. Unfortunately people oftentimes find out too late that the agent did not do the due diligence required. In some of those cases the policy gets canceled and the homeowner must then try to find a new insurance policy. They may find themselves in a situation where they must spend thousands of dollars rectifying an unacceptable situation. If they don't have the funds to replace the roof or whatever the underwriting deficiency is, they may not be able to get a replacement policy. In that case the mortgage company will put an insurance policy on the property. It is called lender-placed or force-placed insurance, and it only covers the mortgage company's interest in the property. But the homeowner will be required to pay for it, and it's not cheap!

Do yourself a favor and give us a call. We will give you good information and gladly assist you in any way we can.

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